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We have spent over 30 years combined in the gaming industry. We leverage our years of experience working with game developers, publishers, influencers, launching some of the top games, and driving significant engagement for plural great games. We bring that expertise and passion with us now to help amazing game developers all around the world.


Drive true innovation for crafty players who likes replayable games.


It is a fact that there are many publishers out there. We are developers ourselves and you can imagine that changes a lot. We have experience many talks with publishers and work with some, learning a lot of lessons of how things shouldn't have done. We make games and want to publish games which we love playing. There are many great games out there, being developed by great teams, but sooner or later many of them face problems that can ruin the potential. With our help, they can avoid that and together we can bring those game to life.


- Funding: Covering the costs of the project, either it is development, equipment, porting, localization, or all other things the project needs to be perfect.
- Marketing & PR: Making sure the right people hear about our projects. Events, travels, trailers, and marketing assets, all will be taken care of.
- Feedback: As experienced developers, we will provide help by giving insight and be a fresh look at things.
- Production: Helping pipelines and productivity, actual publishing of product, like steam works, certifications and all that mumbo jumbo.
- Community Management: Being the champion of our games, we will lead the community with a management team of different cultures and native languages.

Target Platform: PC


Target Genres

Early Access, Indie, Strategy, Simulation, Moddable, Replay Value


Target Partner Expectations

- A fresh, unusual, non-rip-off game idea
- A good, promising concept
- Meaningful, impactful, replayable, and improveable gameplay elements
- Liable teams with accountable design and quality-first attitude
- A valuable, carefully thought out, substantial pitch

“Gaming is the new Hollywood.”

– Meriç Eryürek

Meet The Team

Core Team

Meric Eryurek.jfif

Meriç Eryürek
Founder / Lead Game Designer


Cevher Eryürek
Founder / Producer

o 21 years of business management experience
o 8 years of business development experience
o 7 years of gaming industry experience
o 1 company & 2 brands owned
o 174 events organised
o 1m+ visitors welcomed


Togay Kurtuluş
Pipeline Manager / Lead Developer

o 13 years of business management experience
o 6 years of team management experience
o 3 years of game design & development experience
o 20 years of music experience

o 28 years of marketing experience
o 10 years of gam
gaming industryexperience
o 9years of lecturing experience
o 6 universities, 17 BA & MA courses lectured
o 2 companies & 6 brands
o 201 brands served
o 2 fiction novels published

Design Team

Eser Ersek
Art Director / 3D Environment Designer

Ece Nur Eminoğlu
3D Environment Artist

Cansu Özgün Kayacık
3D Artist

Mateusz Wendowski
3D Character Artist

Nadir Kaan Sezi
Level Designer

Barış Tolon
Game Designer

Akın Budak

2D Artist

M. Uğur Yanak
Game Designer

Mert Özgür Kahraman

Sound Designer

Cansu Kösedağı
Producer & Historical Research

Development Team